Targeted Case Management

Targeted Case Management (TCM) reimburses school districts for case management activities provided to students with IEPs. Participants must be licensed or credentialed staff such as a school nurse or special education teacher.


Districts Are Reimbursed Any Time These Staff Members Provide Case Management Services Related to:

  • Physical and mental health
  • Social and emotional needs
  • Housing support
  • Family and social support
  • Socialization or recreational needs
  • Training for community/independent living
  • Education and vocational needs

What can you expect in reimbursements?

If five practitioners provide:

Two hours of TCM per week = $11,354 per year

Four hours of TCM per week = $22,707 per year

Ten hours of TCM per week = $56,578 per year

MBT is much more than just the California Medi-Cal Billing Expert.

We are a partner dedicated to the success of our community and our children.

Which Practitioners are qualified?

  • Registered Credentialed School Nurses
  • Licensed RNs/LVNs
  • Certified Public Health Nurses
  • Certified nurse practitioners
  • Licensed clinical social workers
  • Credentialed school social workers
  • Licensed psychologists
  • Licensed educational psychologists
  • Credentialed school psychologists
  • Licensed marriage and family therapists
  • Credentialed school counselors
  • Program Specialists (See Below)

Program specialists can be practitioners who have the following valid qualifications:

  • Special Education credential
  • Clinical or rehabilitative services credential
  • Health services credential
  • School psychologist authorization

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