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About Us

RobertaStephensMessage From Our CEO

It has been a privilege to serve the Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in California for more than 20 years, generating funds to provide important and needed health care services to their students and families. For as long as I can remember, one of my greatest passions in life has been helping and serving people and their children. Partnering with our dedicated schools here in California is the best way we can serve the needs of these children to ensure success for all students. Medical Billing Technologies (MBT) was built on four important values that we work toward every day: Integrity, Accountability, Respect, and Heartfelt Service. MBT employees continually pursue opportunities to demonstrate our company values by consulting with our LEAs and the communities we serve. It is exciting to see how LEAs utilize the funds they generate through the Medi-Cal Billing Option. The services vary greatly – from needed health care, parent education, and, more recently, mental health services. MBT has worked diligently to develop our software, Opti-Claim, which greatly increases the efficiency of tracking and submitting claims, while keeping data secure according to FERPA regulations. Opti-Claim has received rave revues from many district practitioners. MBT is proud of the work we do with our clients, and we are dedicated to serve the LEAs of California in optimizing their reimbursements in order to serve our students and their families. Roberta_sig

Our Vision

MBT is committed to helping our partners maximize every reimbursement, connect students and families to the health services they need, drive profitability, and improve employee productivity. The consultation and coordinating services MBT provides will enable our clients to use their time working to ensure student success. We are much more than just a billing partner – MBT is a positive contributor to the education community at large.

Our History

Founded in 1994 by Roberta Stephens, MBT serves K-12 school districts, county offices of education, community colleges, public health departments, and community-based organizations for the Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA) program, the LEA Medi-Cal Direct Billing Option (LEA) program, Family PACT, and Denti-Cal. With more than 20 years of experience and more than 200 clients, MBT is much more than a billing consultant we are a partner and vital part of the community. As we help districts optimize federal reimbursement funds, more students will have access to the healthcare they need. Additionally, our focus on California and service-based approach offer unprecedented support and accessibility to our clients. With regional field staff conveniently located throughout the state, our clients experience reliable and timely responses to their service needs. Our California focus also gives us extensive expertise and program knowledge not exhibited by firms serving clients in multiple states. We also continually pursue opportunities to demonstrate our core values of integrity, accountability, respect, and heartfelt service in the communities and associations in which we serve. In addition to consulting with California school districts and communities to access Medi- Cal reimbursements, we support and are actively involved with many professional organizations and play a key role in state and national advocacy efforts.

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