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Our History


Founded in 1994 by Roberta Stephens, MBT serves K-12 school districts, county offices of education, community colleges, public health departments, and community-based organizations in securing reimbursements from different Medi-Cal programs. With more than 25 years of experience and more than 200 clients, MBT is much more than a billing consultant. We are a partner and vital part of the community. As we help our clients optimize federal reimbursement funds, more students will have access to the healthcare they need.


Our Leadership


Reid Stephens – President of Business Operations 

Reid has been with MBT since 2009 and has served many roles within the company. In his current role, Reid ensures that MBT remains financially responsible while providing our clients with cost efficient contracts. Reid also leads our technology team that implements MBT’s custom built software that makes participating in Medi-Cal programs easy and efficient.


Kelly Lingenfelter – President of Operations

Kelly has been with MBT since 2008 and has served many roles within the company. In her current role, Kelly ensures that our clients receive the best customer service in our industry. Kelly is constantly in communication with our clients learning how MBT can best serve them.

Our Mission


Empower our clients to optimize efficiencies and reduce healthcare costs as we:

·      Provide consistent and personalized service in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

·      Provide transparency in service costs.

·      Provide updated knowledge and information of evolving program policies and regulations.

·      Provide guidance on best practices to optimize cost savings/revenue.

·      Continually improve upon our history of active, collaborative, professional relationships.

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