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News & Updates

Upcoming LEA State Plan Amendment

The Department of Health Care Services in California is currently working with the Centers of Medicaid Services at the federal government to pass and release a State Plan Amendment (SPA) with updates to the LEA program as early as November 2017.

RMTS – pg 61
Random Moment Time Sampling is a required component of participating in the LEA Program when the SPA is implemented.

TCM – pg 60
Targeted Case Management reimbursements will be available and updated when the SPA is implemented.

Additional Practitioners
When the SPA is implemented interns in the fields of speech, psychology, social work, physical therapy and occupational therapy are qualified to submit services for reimbursement.

LEA for Colleges

California is the first state to allow colleges and universities to participate and receive reimbursements through the LEA Program. MBT is the first vendor assisting colleges with accessing these funds.

How to survive and LEA Audit

The Department of Health Care Services, that oversees the LEA program, is offering insight into successfully completing a state audit for school districts.

MBT offers Myers-Briggs staff development

MBT is dedicated to the districts and colleges we serve. As an added bonus to industry leading Medi-Cal reimbursement program services, MBT offers Myers-Briggs certified coaches that are available to lead staff development seminars geared toward strengthening culture and performance. Contact your Account Manager or use the Live Chat feature for more information.