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According to an update from DHCS, the Reasonableness Test Criteria (RTC) review process is moving forward. DHCS states that they have been able to approve a number of RTC submissions and submit them for payment.  Unfortunately, after consulting with the CMS, many of the justifications that are being submitted are proving to be inadequate to resolve issues related to the inclusion of unauthorized job classifications, activity code benchmark overages, and clerical/administration ratio overages. Conditional Denial letters will begin being issued this week to the LECs and LGAs citing specific items that will need to be resolved before approvals can be issued.  DHCS has posted a list of criteria to be considered to create an acceptable justification as well as a number of examples of acceptable justifications to the SMAA web site.  LECs, LGAs and districts are encouraged to review these examples when developing new justifications in response to the pending denial letters. Sample RTC justifications can be found here: