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The amount of visible and available support from MBT is very much appreciated. I feel like we are your only client. Regarding to the MBT software, I like everything on the same page with all the links on the same site. It is easier to maneuver (after you get past the learning curve). I feel the presence of the MBT team constantly. I receive email updates, reminders (which I love!) and interactive Webinar trainings and presentations. I would recommend MBT to other districts. The trainings were straightforward and very upbeat. I like that the trainers are positive and validate the groups concerns. They also break it down for those who need some extra help. I remember listening to our MBT rep explain the LEA Billing Option- we realized we didn’t know as much as we thought we did about the program. We definitely benefit from her knowledge and expertise and look forward to having her guide us through the billing process! Maria Arroyo

Health and Human Services Technician, Campbell Union School District

As a long time MBT partner, there is a history of excellent customer service. Whenever there is a question or concern, you can always count on a prompt response and follow up from a service representative. Client service representative are knowledgeable and courteous. Personalized training is tailored to each practitioners service area, and is extremely beneficial for a deeper understanding of billing processes.  The district coordinator has a strong ally to facilitate increased reimbursement monies for district services. Suzie S.

Visalia Unified School District

MBT’s high level of expertise in LEA Medi-Cal Billing, coupled with their strong commitment to customer service and collaboration, has resulted in a drastic increase in our Medi-Cal reimbursements from our previous vendor! I feel confident that MBT is stepping up to the plate in our optimization of Medi-Cal reimbursements with a minimum amount of burden on our staff, while informing us of best practices in DHCS compliance. Edgar Manolo

Purchasing and Contract Manager, San Jose Unified School District

MBT has always responded quickly to my questions and has handled problems/requests efficiently and effectively. It is much easier to fill out the form for Medi-Cal reimbursement with the OptiClaim forms/database MBT has set up then with what I had been familiar with. The OptiClaim billing system is great and wasn’t an option available to me prior to working at my current district. The trainers were very professional and provided a well-organized and concise training for Medical billing. The trainers made themselves available for trouble shooting in a computer lab for those willing to do so which was very helpful. [Our MBT Service Rep] has been very helpful in directing me as to how to find data using the computer database/system, to add students when needed and to answer any questions quickly which I had posed. Nicole Behaylo

School Psychologist, Los Banos Unified School District

I have been using MBT’s site for the past couple of years. I am very impressed with this site and how “user friendly” it is. Our district has used other companies in the past but MBT’s is much easier to use. It is convenient and not difficult to learn the system for educators who have very busy days. I like how easy it is to manage our student caseload and information on this site. I would highly recommend this site to other districts. Also, the staff is always available to answer our questions and/or help us when we have trouble on the site. Melissa Llanos

M.S., CCC-SLP, Corona-Norco Unified School District

I have had great experience with OptiClaim and MBT website. It’s easy to use and allows for me to put in quick entries of my caseload. It’s been great to type the first few letters of the student’s name and the program pulls up the correct student from the directory. There are very few steps; options are easy to choose from. Thanks for making it easy to enter info; it’s a major time saver. Tawnie Childs, MA Ed.

Credentialed School Psychologist, Corona-Norco Unified School District

MBT has excellent customer service and strives to address concerns we have in our Special Education Department here at the SCCOE. We have been able to recoup monies for LEA expenses which go directly to help our moderate to severe students who are enrolled in our programs. Due to budget cuts from the state; it is even more important to find ways to fund the equipment and counseling needs for our students. MBT is focused on the needs of students and assists our department in trainings for teachers, speech and O.T. therapists and school psychologists to learn how to keep accurate service logs that can result in continued LEA funding Dorothy Raab Ed.D.

Director of Special Education, Santa Cruz County Office of Education

Our district implemented this system through MBT For Schools in the last few years. MBT has refined the system so it is easy and efficient for us to use. Keeping track of our students/clients is simple. The initial input of students is a little time consuming, but once you get the feel for it; it’s a breeze. Setting up groups makes taking roll quick and easy. It has certainly cut-down on the time and paperwork we had to endure in previous years. It is a worthwhile tool for keeping track of our work with minimal time spent. Robin Taniguchi

M.S. CCC-SLP, Apple Valley Unified School District

Crafton Hills College Health and Wellness Center has utilized the services of Medical Billing Technologies, Inc. (MBT) for a period of over two years. During this time we have been very satisfied with their work for us. They have been very good at informing us promptly of any discrepancies, or things that need clarification on the forms so we can correct and avoid unnecessary delays in processing with Medi-Cal before submission. We are very pleased with our business relationship and would gladly recommend the services of MBT to your organization.

Health & Wellness Center, Crafton Hills College

I learned about MBT while attending the Health Services Association California Community Colleges (HSACCC) annual conference. When we were ready to expand our services and provide family planning services, I did not hesitate to call MBT and begin our Family PACT journey. MBT staff was very knowledgeable about the process and walked us through each step. It can seem quite overwhelming to complete the applications, locate all of the supporting documentation and provider information, but having MBT staff supporting us through each phase was very helpful and made the process less stressful. Even when there were complications, MBT was there to hear our frustrations and find a solution! We successfully completed the enrollment process faster than anticipated and are currently implementing our new services. I am very happy with my decision to use MBT and I recommend them to any health center looking to add family planning services. Alex Bell

RN, MSN, PHN, Allan Hancock College